Grease Trap Maintenance

grease trap maintenanceGrease that is washed down a drain may seem to disappear, but in fact, it collects in the drain line and hardens to the consistency of cement. Grease build up in a line severely limits the flow and results in repeated back-ups.

To be assured that the main sanitary line does not have grease build-up, breaks or root penetration, you can request a diagnostic inspection of your system. Such an inspection will:

  • Provide a CD, DVD or VHS tape clearly showing the condition, flow, direction, and footage of the line, and if, needed, we can also locate its depth.
  • Identify and locate any abnormalities in the system, such as, grease, foreign objects, roots, misalignments and sags.
  • Pinpoint the location of the problem areas in need of repair or replacement.

After a proper diagnosis has been made, Drain Shooter can outline the best course of action to remedy the immediate situation and can recommend a grease trap maintenance program specifically tailored to your business needs.

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