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Drain Shooter provides Grease Trap Maintenance to ensure your business will not have any drain or sewer backups and avoid any down time to your business. It’s important to keep your grease trap functioning especially if you run a restaurant. If grease from kitchen wastewater is allowed to build up your plumbing system will become clogged and back up. Set your business up on a time and money saving grease trap maintenance schedule today!

Scheduled Grease Trap Maintenance

  • Before, during or after normal business work hours.
  • Pre-arranged service for weekends.
  • Drain Shooter will ensure all safety and security requirements are performed.

Internal Grease Traps

  • Internal grease traps (interceptors) are specifically manufactured and designed in size and capacity to restrict and collect grease by products and food waste before entering a sanitary sewer waste system.
  • Our powerful and portable vacuum units are mobile and able to quickly and professionally vacuum and collect material for proper disposal.
  • Insure that your company is conforming to all state and local environmental regulations that require service or maintenance to grease traps.

Internal Grease Trap Service

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